About Maker Agnostic Execution Bridge

We have an off the shelf margin FX, derivatives and CFD’s execution bridge which has adaptors to Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5 and a number of proprietary trading platforms. Additionally this bridge has connectivity with every major bridge provider (OneZero, PXM, Gold-I alongside various DMA venues and major PoP Liqudity providers. We provide this as a simple plug and play solution with easy to administer mark ups, rebates, multiple order type handling, ultra-fast ingestion of pricing, decision nodes and execution instructions. We can provide this as a hosted solution in Equinix LD4, Equinix LD5, Equinix NY4, Equinix NY5 and Equinix HK1 alongside AWS hosting.

Alternatively you an self-host and utilise this bridge as you please. There are simple connectivity guides and we have competitive price capping in place for larger players in the broker-dealer or hedge fund space. Please inquire for more information. This will be more cost effective than all the major providers out there and can be deployed and configures typically within one week of instruction subject to Liqudiity Providers providers connectivity credentials in a timely manner.