About Geo-Specific Content Distribution Advertising Tech

Cognixus has developed and owns the IP to hardware and software which enables advertisements or other content to be distributed on most form of vehicles including cars, vans and haulage trucks.

Our technology projects content onto the side(s) of vehicles dynamically through proprietary projection technology. This technology unlike most works under all conditions (sunny, cloudy, rainy, night time). The technology has received the requisite sign off from the relevant regulatory bodies in most major jurisdictions so there is no impediment to deploying this hardware.

Alongside the hardware is a centralised software consol which determines which content is distributed based on a) the available content for which advertisers (or aggregators thereof) are willing to pay b) based on the specific location of the vehicle at any time. The content is only displayed when the vehicle is switched on and we have detectors to determine that the vehicle is in “use” i.e. not sitting in the middle of a dessert with the engine on!

The target audience for this product is obvious – everyone! And the target market segments we are interesting in hearing from or will be approaching through our sales divisions are the “Ubers” of the world.

We have deals in place with the largest aggregated advertisement content distributors in place already and we are searching for fleets of vehicles to deploy this technology on. These can easily be switched