What is Missed Value Analytics Platform?

Prior to developing our Group Treasury Services Platform we had to provide a business case internally to build this platform. Not just for end users, but for ourselves internally. Our starting point was building data extraction tools and developing an analytics packs cross referencing hundreds of thousands of transactions versus benchmark rates (including mark ups)

This analysis we have re-purposed into software which any organisation can plug in, or we extract all transactional cash related data and benchmark the costs related to that activity versus a “reasonable model” consistent with the size and nature of your organisation if viewed as a whole.

A major factor in centralising our treasury function whilst maintaining local company level banking relationships was to create the capacity to “get into” the large Global Multi-Currency Service providers and achieve more competitive pricing across the board. Additionally this lead us to plug into “Electronic Money Institutions” where certain flow can be execution can be performed at a fraction of the cost of a bank. This then can lead a group company with countless subsidiaries to centralise its flow and via hybrid clearing via our smart order routing API to your cheapest venue allow you to achieve great cost savings. This does not mean you have to buy our platform. The intelligence alone from this analytics software will empower you to simplify your operations and routing of payments, receipts and conversions.

Advantages Of Adopting Missed Value Analytics Software

  • Cost effectively and quickly identify “leakage” within your organisation within your clearing infrastructure
  • Produce a consolidated report which details comparative data for execution and provision of services between entities, correspondent banks and other providers
  • Provide a prioritised “Action List” to immediately reduce the leakage in the areas identified as “hotspots” to immediate realise cost savings